Joie de Vivre Pilates Studio, of Denver CO, offers the Watson Method™ Pilates, which incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, fitness, strength and conditioning research. 

The Watson Method™ uses short intervals of exercise on the reformer/cadillac focused on weight bearing training and toning of large muscle groups to "turn on" fat burning hormones. Clients benefit from weight bearing springs which create longer leaner muscle mass. Compared to "dance" or "fitness" styles of Pilates, the Watson Method™ is completely safe for most people with current or previous back, neck, shoulder, and knee injuries while still giving them a high intensity burn. That attracts a population of clients that includes everyone from mothers-to-be to top athletes just wanting to get an intense workout without the risk of injury.  Other exercise methods can tax the body in a way that causes injury and burn out.  The Watson Method™ is comprehensive approach that allows people to sustain an exercise program for a lifetime.