Joy in Life…                                                                                                                                    Joy in motion

Since we were little kids we have always been told to be thoughtful in life.  Why don’t those same rules apply to your body and your workout? Be Thoughtful.

With the Watson Method™, we created workouts that are thoughtful for your body.   

The Watson Method™ Pilates, incorporates the latest understanding in endocrinology, fitness, metabolic and conditioning progression (i.e. our workouts are hard!).  But we do it in a way where, although the workouts are demanding, they are done in a thoughtful and purposeful way.  All of our private lessons and classes are safe for the average person, including those who have injuries, but are intense and challenging for even elite athletes.  Compared to "dance" or "fitness" styles of Pilates, the Watson Method™ is completely safe for most people with current or previous back, neck, shoulder, and knee injuries while still giving them a high intensity burn. This attracts a population of clients that includes everyone from mothers-to-be to top athletes just wanting to get an intense workout without the risk of harm. 

The Watson Method™ classes use short intervals of exercise on the focused on weight bearing training and toning of large muscle groups to "turn on" fat burning hormones. Clients benefit from short intervals which create longer leaner muscle mass without taxing the body in a way that causes injury and burn out (that go home and eat everything but the kitchen sink feeling).   

The Watson Method™ is comprehensive approach that allows people to sustain an exercise program for a lifetime.