Ansley Watson - Founder and Creator of the Watson Method™

Ansley was in a car accident in 1998,  she began taking Pilates mat classes because it was the only physical exercise her body could tolerate.  She loved it so much that after several years of being a Pilates student, she decided to make a career change from an Environmental Chemist to Pilates teacher.

She opened Joie de Vivre Pilates studio in 2006, originally teaching traditional Pilates which was her training from a second generation elder who was a trainer for Romana Kryzanowska.  However, she began to see the need for a different type of studio early on because most traditional Pilates is rooted in dancing and fitness types of bodies, but is not as functional for bodies with even the slightest bit of injury.  Ansley wanted her classes to be challenging for all levels from hardcore fitness buffs to people with injuries instead of limiting anyone.  That is how the Watson Method™ become created. 


Elizabeth Fanelli

Elizabeth has been a big fan of Pilates since taking her first class over 20 years ago. This passion led to her becoming an instructor. Happy with the strength and conditioning she saw in herself, she wanted to share this with others. She believes that Pilates offers tremendous overall health benefits for all ages, body types, and physical fitness levels. Having the opportunity to encourage others is what she appreciates the most about teaching.

With a master's degree in Education from the University of Northern Colorado, Elizabeth is trained in the Watson Method™. She enjoys helping clients obtain their fitness goals, which vary widely from injury recovery to fitness enthusiast. Her motto is "Pilates is for every body!"


Amy Spiker

Amy was first introduced to Pilates after experiencing years of chronic pain and undergoing multiple surgeries. Several years ago her physical therapist recommended she add Pilates to her recovery plan. The combination of Pilates and physical therapy helped her obtain a more pain-free lifestyle. Amy was so inspired by how much better her body and mind felt, and the amount of progress she made in such a short amount of time, she decided to pursue her Pilates as well as Jump Board certification.  Amy is almost 100% pain free now and is excited to share her Pilates journey.  Her goal is to help others with chronic pain to find their joy in life again!


Gisele Dias

Brazilian citizen by birth, American citizen by heart, and a world citizen by soul. She has been involved with public health initiatives through the promotion of physical activity and nutritious food since early stages of her life. She danced and choreographed for famous Brazilian singers and currently focus her efforts in the health industry as a clinical researcher. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports and Medicine, and two Master’s degree. One in Kinesiology and another one in Public Health.


Kristan Vaughn

Being outside, especially while being active, connects Kristan to her true self and the great wide world around her. Through teaching, she shares this joy with others and guides them towards their own unique self-care practice. Through beauty services, she emphasizes clients’ natural beauty and empowers self-expression.