I don't know if you feel like me right now, but I missed the mark on my New Years resolution.  I had the best intentions to eat clean, give up sugar, workout everyday, and start the year off with a bang.  And then little things just got in the way.  BUT this year instead of giving up, I am just starting over with no judgment about what happened the last two months, you want to join me!!!!!

The 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge starts on Sunday, February 28th!

 The goal of the 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge is to show the greatest improvement over the course of the contest, measured by percentage of weight loss.  And win some prizes along the way.   

Gift yourself transformation and take that "ME step" by  joining me and other clients, so we can do the process live together as a community, supporting each other day in and day out as we shed those pounds and we are celebrating the energy and beauty waiting for us on the other side.  

Put your anxiety over the thought of "dieting" on the back burner and we will defuse that together. For now, start thinking about where you'll shop for your new skinny jeans and how you'll choose to celebrate the body & life you love when we balance your body together. 

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