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Taught by Some of Denver's Top Teachers 

The Watson Academy offers comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training & Certification programs right here in Denver.  All of our Pilates modules are taught by experienced, skilled teachers and meet the PMA certification curriculum.

Watson Method™ Training Highlights:

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with your clients through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods.

  • Develop a strong understanding about how the body works through anatomy and physiology training.

  • Understand specific training techniques to help clients with injuries and how to adapt both private lessons and classes.

  • Learn how to properly align and give corrections to the body on the reformer, cadillac, mat, and small equipment.

We offer two Pilates Teacher Training & Certification programs, 500 hour and 700 hours, that exceed the PMA suggested curriculum guidelines.   Also, we have a fun intro immersion program, 250 hours, for those who want to learn more about their own Pilates practice but not necessarily become a teacher.

Teacher Training

Tuition: Module I = $2,500, Module II = $2,500, Module III=$2,000 (includes all fees and exams, does not include classes or lessons with a teacher that a student may need to take).  Financing is available.  Please Note: Both Module I and II are required to be certified in the Watson Method.  Module III is required for the PMA board exam.  

Limited Time Offer: Sign up for all three and save $1000.  

Entrance Requirements: 15 hours of mixed Pilates lessons

Program Description: 500 hours of lectures, anatomy/physiology training, an internship and exams to be completed within 9-12 months. Those completing the program will be proficient performing and teaching up through and including the advanced level on all pieces of equipment. Upon finishing the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion in the Watson Method™.

Enrollment:  Proof of completion of a mix of 15 Pilates lessons.  Complete and submit the application and pay the required fees.

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Successful Completion of 500 program hours including:

Formal Lectures        Internship                Exams

40 hours                      450 hours                10 hours

Program Schedule:

The Joie de Vivre Pilates Teacher Training Program is 5-12 months long and requires a minimum of four trips to Denver, Colorado. Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 10-15 hours per week to their internship.

Financial Aid:  

Module I deposit of $1000 and 5 months at $300/month interest free.   

Module II deposit of $1000 and 5 months at $300/month interest free.

Module III deposit of $500 and 5 months at $300/month interest free.   

Late payment, $25 late payment fee.  15% interest after 5 Months.     Payment due on the first of the month.