500 Hour Pilates Teacher Training 

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250 Hour Training                                                                   500 Hour Training                                                                 700 Hour Training                                                          Student Application

The Watson Method Academy offers the 500 intermediate/advanced level program, which combines the 250 program beginner program and an additional 250 intermediate/advanced training.  This training is great for those looking for a career in Pilates or those that continue on to the 700 Hour master programs.  The 500 hour teacher training module, you will learn how to teach intermediate/advanced level Watson Methodâ„¢ Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Barrel (small and large), and an fine tuned understanding of anatomy and rehab with Pilates.  The 250 level training program must be completed prior to beginning the 500 Hour program.                                     

Upcoming 2018 Dates for 500 Hour Training:             February 17th-18th                                                                    May 5th-6th                                                                              October 14-15th